I summon you, black Kings, you have neglected your duties,

Is it because of internal strife or harsh realities?

We have been patient, although loud with our cries,

That have gone unanswered time and time through countless tries.

King, reclaim your throne.

We birth you, we rear you, yet you retreat and we miss you….

Why must you shun the same locks that you possess,

Love us as we love you and your dreaded tresses.

King, embrace your queen.

We are not perfect, your highness neither are you,

Despite it all we make sacrifice after sacrifice, all for you.

When you are excellent, we celebrate along, shouting high,

And when you fall short, we’re still supportive with each try.

King, please take responsibility.

Yes, we are vocal, we have a lot to say, our words are preparation for you on your way.

Embrace our voice, even in silence a queen in always heard,

But you think our sole purpose is never to speak or lead, only to serve.

King, wake up, open your eyes.

When you have nothing, we are there… will she stay?

The melanin-deprived one with whom you vow to stay?

Will she be there when your kingdom is crashing down?

Because we queens are always here, we’re always around.

King, reclaim the truth.

Through our loudness is wisdom and revered guidance,

Through our hard work is resiliency and perseverance.

Look in the mirror, as you love yourself, you should love your reflection,

That reflection is us—-loving, bold, strength striving for perfection.

King, love us as we love you.