Sometimes being the master of your own fate can be perceived as desired but that’s not always the case.  The average independent woman doesn’t want to be the sole ruler however due to many societal factors sometimes that is the outcome.  Just because a queen has to manage her kingdom alone doesn’t mean that is her desire. A true queen would rather rule with a worthy king however until that king is discovered, it is best for all that she rules alone.  

African Queen 2


What made Prince Charming charming or even a prince,

What did he do in order to convince,

Every maiden looking that he was worthy,

Why does this man think he deserves me?


You see, a girl wonders if she’s enough…a woman knows,

A girl cares about the fairytale, women don’t care how the story goes,

I used to wonder, what must I do, to be that royal,

Coming up short by their “standards” no matter how I toil.


Time passed, things changed and my mind was reset,

“You are love.  You are regal and don’t you forget.”

Never forget how beautiful, smart, kind and strong you are,

You are the entire universe while they’re wishing upon a star.


Your king will praise your intellect, admire your wonder,

He will bask in your imagination and smile as you wander.

What man would seek to crush your enigmatic spirit,

A man who is threatened by your accomplishments and merit.


Your king will come to build, protect and to fulfill,

He wants to cultivate your dreams, not to destroy or kill.

If he is a yet a prince, you alone will make him a king,

You’ll wear his love as a garment, and his praises you’ll sing.


Chin up love, chin up princess, chin up your majesty,

You see he has to learn charm, while you were born royalty.

Your king is not ready for his throne, not just yet,

But you are enough.  You are worthy, don’t you ever forget.

African Queen 1