Growing up Pretty Brown Eyes with a Vision of Love, conceived on the melodies of Green and Gaye,

This millenial perception of love has definitely led me astray.

I don’t mind struggling with All the Man that I need,

I’ll submit willingly to a man who can actually lead.

This idea of struggle resembles Nina and Darius, Bird and Lem,

Not that of a Kardashian who constantly has a new “him”.

This magnolia blossom dreams of Cruisin’, Anytime, Anyplace,

With a real man who has chivalrous tastes.

Today’s perception of love is distorted to say the least,

Which leaves one starving while desiring to feast.

What was once thought of as weak, is now perceived as strong,

All the while what used to be right is deemed as wrong.

IF ever I fall in love, I want it to be real,
Making him feed while giving him something he can feel. whitley-and-dwayne

Rest in Love to my dear friend, EJ, another 80’s baby who had a great capacity to love for his friends, family and the world.  The anniversary of your death is coming up and it was quite possibly the worst day of my life but I won’t be fueled by my disgust for how you were taken from us but be driven by the love and memories that you gifted us with.  God Bless you brother.  I love you dearly, Rest on.