2008 the world changed, a remarkable black family brought hope and inspiration,

The good saw a new day, others felt a threat to the nation.

8 years past, the good brimmed with pride while others schemed,

The good were robbed of that hope and a nightmare replaced a dream.

Misogyny, lies, deceit, a robbery was ultimately committed,

We were saddled with a classless, vile, clueless and godless idiot.

Racism woke up while the woke laid dormant and still,

All progress that was once made, the other half sought to kill.

Skin color, sexual preference, place of origin were all under attack,

We became so many hashtags it was impossible to keep track.

There was a twindemic before flu season even began,

We all had to remember to kneel before we could take a stand. 

This year marks 60 years where little Ruby became a giant,

And reminded us that “good trouble” is being devoutly defiant.

Ruby walked to school because Rosa sat and now Kamala leads,

Today the good got spiritual medicine that we desperately need.

We can’t breathe and the masks aren’t the reason why,

Today we actually had a happy reason to have a cry.

Hope was inhaled as Shyamala’s baby crushed a ceiling,

Immigrants, minorities, women, HBCU grads love this feeling.

Shirley you ran because you had hope this day would come,

When we decide to unite who knows where the support comes from. 

Two black women, Stacey and Keisha, stood on John’s memory,

And flipped a red state blue and thus we all claim the victory.

Kamala’s win validates the work of Nancy, Maxine and even Hilary,

All children can say, “greatness does in fact look like me.”

Lovely irony is that Shyamala and Donald met on the freedom fight,

And their daughter manifested all of the dreams of the good on this historic night.

Kamala you represent so much, I hope that you know it,

Be proud of your ambition and accomplishments, queen show it.

She sought to achieve and serve and found love later in life,

She secured a great legacy before she became a wife.

Your story speaks volumes for little black girls, even me,

Who still believes I can make my dreams a reality.

Madam Vice President we all rejoice as your black girl magic reigns supreme,

You are a pearl wearing, ceiling shattering embodiment of the American Dream.