The old adage is “good things come to those who wait” however as you mature and grow you find out that this adage isn’t necessarily true in many facets in life.  I believe the saying applies to things you cannot control like love, friendship, companionship or other components of the universe that are beyond your control.  When it comes to one’s career, education or any attainable goal “good things come to those who work their asses off towards whatever goal they choose to pursue”.  It is so much easier to get the degree you want because you know how to get it.  Apply for school, get accepted, acquire discipline, study your behind off and boom you’re a 26-year-old woman with a Master’s degree.  If you want a promotion at work it also isn’t a complex task.  Work hard, stay sharp, stay on your A-game, bring forth initiative and innovation and lo and behold the promotion is there before you know it….. Why couldn’t things be as simple when it comes to love?

Since I was old enough to understand love, commitment and marriage, my parents were a model of what I wanted.  They also were my teachers of what a good woman should be.  My father taught me that no man wants a loose woman or one who wasn’t a lady.  My mother taught me to cook, to nurture and be strong all the while being domestic.  Throughout my adulthood I have perfected all of these skills however I am still alone.  There is no one for me to exercise these skills with.  Why?  I realize I am a late bloomer in the romantic department, I was 24 before I received real treacherous heartache so I only thought it was natural that it’d be later in life before I found my husband, but I thought at least at this stage in my 20s that I’d have at least met the man who I’d meet down the aisle but sadly I don’t believe that to be the case.

I know what God has for me is for me, but why is it taking so long?  Forgive me for judging but I see so many unworthy people getting married, both male and female.  I know about 10 acquaintances who aren’t happy in their marriages so I guess I shouldn’t be so jaded.  I guess I should continue to wait and be glad that God deems me as wait worthy, because settling is not an option.