He’s out there….he will love my dimples and diminishing freckles….he won’t mind my potty mouth, he’ll think it’s charming because I am such a f@&%*>* lady when it’s all said and done. Goodness he’ll move mountains just to spend time with me and he knows that for him I’ll do the same. He’s out there and he’s going to love holding me, kissing me and dancing with me. He loves my smile and notices those imperfections in my smile that make my smile perfect for him and makes each smile MY smile. He’s out there listening to every love song that I’ve ever listened to and figuring out the perfect one that captures my spirit and personifies our love. He’s out there waiting to take me thousands of places and to show me off to millions who he hopes are envious of the blessing that he’s unveiling. He’s out there picking out the perfect pink roses for me because he knows I detest the tradition of red ones… Yea. He’s out there! And he knows that when he has me, he has the world because every single day with me, I will give him the world and he’ll never be less than satisfied… So I am content with the fact that I know that he’s still out there…therefore I’m not looking, he’ll find me. For the bible says that when a MAN findeth a wife, he finds a good thing….it’s my job to be found, not to go looking for what God has for me, because it IS for me and only me.