The title of this post is a metaphor for envy.  I like to play on words and what I simply mean is that many women are envious of others mainly other women.  These green eyes are special because not only do they reflect the color green however those who own them also leaves a trail of green on those they stare at.  This is true because the older I get and as time goes by I witness so many vicious and jealous women that it is quite sad.  I witness other women who are victims of the vicious and jealous and in some cases some men as well.

Case #1-The Sweetie and the Vulture.

I once kinda dated this guy in high school that was as sweet as caramel however at that time in my life I knew that I wasn’t sweet enough for him.  He needs someone who has his best intentions at heart and who will love his sweet disposition and golden efforts and I couldn’t bear to hurt him.  That’s just how sweet he is.  I’m sad to say there aren’t that many women in the world who are like me and some seek out to use and abuse the poor guy.  He always looks to see the good in people, which is probably why he dated this well-known vulture that I went to high school with.  Needless to say that this young lady is an opportunist in every meaning of the term.  She did some foul things to him during their courtship and the worst came when he discovered that she was pregnant.  Now the poor dear has to deal with her for the next 18 years.  She’s not his girlfriend anymore, she’s his baby mama.  Talk about a messed up situation.  She leaves traces of green when he decided to get on with his life and pursue love somewhere else.  She spits green about his new girlfriend to everyone that will listen and she throws green whenever he asks to keep his own daughter overnight simply because he won’t let her spend the night in his new home.  Poor guy he’s got a long time to deal with such a woman. 

Case #2- The Rose and the Thorns

I have a friend who is so sweet sometimes it’s infuriating in a good way.  I think I’ve experienced the worst side of women more so than she has therefore it doesn’t surprise me of the bitchy behavior of so many women.  There are few things that give me pause about things that I hear however for my dear sweet friend things aren’t the same.  Whenever women are vicious toward her it really bothers her as well as puzzles her about the reasons why.  I had to simply tell her the truth which is that it doesn’t get any better and in some respects it actually gets worse.  The older you get the more you’ll see the amount of female friends that you have will seriously diminish especially if the expectations and standards for yourself continue to flourish.  This is true.  Many women cannot stand to see other women succeed or potentially wind up in a better situation than themselves.  In a few recent situations she has been at the receiving end of terrible remarks on networking sites and blatant attempts at sabotage and she hasn’t done one bitchy thing to warrant such behavior.  In a situation such as this the best thing to do is to ignore and continue being your fabulous self.  That’s what I do.

I have no idea why women are so damn bitchy towards one another.  Sometimes I even notice traces of it within myself.  I’ll show more compassion towards my brothers than my sisters and I’m more inclined to curse out a woman in a service occupation than a man however I catch myself when that portion of my persona approaches others don’t do the same.  I’ve acknowledged this flaw on my behalf however envious of another “friend” or fabulous chick isn’t something that I’d do.  I encourage female empowerment in every aspect of the idea and I project the same to my favorite little nieces as well. 

I do have some encouraging tips for those women who are at the receiving end of such bitchiness:

1. Don’t stop beingFABULOUS !  The more you are, the more they’ll hate, the more they hate the worse it’ll make them feel.

2. Ignore the insanity.  Sometimes you have to separate yourself from it in order to do so…..Weed out those dysfunctional friends….Sometimes spring cleaning is a metaphor and sometimes it is literally spring cleaning.

3. Get more fabulous by the day in every single way….. That’s the best revenge.

And for the men who have to deal with the green-eyed heifers:

1. Go out and get a chick who is the absolute opposite of the heifer in every possible way. 

2. Smile!  Smile whenever she bitches and never display any anger, eventually it’ll eat away at her.

3. Prosper!  As I told the women to become more fabulous by the day you should do the same!

The lesson for all is to never let anyone steal your joy!