Hello all!  I hope you are having a great summer, I am having an interesting time as usual being my fabulous single self.  There are times when I really loathe my single status like whenever I drive pass the pool in the building where I live and there is a couple frolicking in the pool under the moonlight or whenever I notice a sweet elderly couple holding hands when they come out of the movie theatre however I really hate being single when people who aren’t single say dumb ass stuff to me.

Dumb ass quote #1- “You’re too picky!”

What is wrong with a girl having standards?  My mother taught me at a young age that a girl must proclaim what she is willing and most importantly unwilling to deal with on a daily basis because the girl who doesn’t is a total and complete fool.  Let me clarify one truth that a lot of people don’t consistently realize which is just because you aren’t single doesn’t mean that you are completely happy nor does it mean that all single people are miserable either.  Therefore just in order to have someone you shouldn’t put up with anything.  There are some deal breakers for a lot of women.  For me those deal breakers happen to be multiple baby mamas, no job, trust issues, uneducated or driven, no place to live or any transportation.  I don’t think my standards are that extreme, they’re no list like that of TLC’s Chilli.  LOL!  What I’m trying to say is just because your husband is there to do the heavy lifting because he has no true ambitious goals and is about as interesting as crushed velvet doesn’t mean that I should completely throw out my standards in order to have someone there all the while wondering why he’s there? 

Dumbass quote #2-“Why aren’t you married yet?”

Come on, I do appreciate the compliment.  I am so fabulous that some man should have confessed his undying love and affection for me and accompanied me down the aisle of holy matrimony however if I knew the one reason why I’m not married yet then I would’ve done something about it a long time ago.  For real do you know how stupid you sound asking a question that no one can truly answer.  I guess maybe it is a rhetorical question however it isn’t a very good one in fact it is downright ridiculous. 

Dumbass quote #3- “You need to make yourself more available!”

Are you kidding me?  I don’t leave the house without at least some lipgloss and mascara on and that is just to go to the gas station or Walgreens.  I do everything in my power to cleverly conceal every bit of any superficial imperfections that I may have on a daily basis and the most results I get is being hit on by the ogling 40 year old Target consumer or whistles from teenaged boys carrying fake IDs.  Every now and then I get an occassional date and I usually give the guy the benefit of the doubt however when the guy lies about how many children he has or the fact that he still lives with his ex-girlfriend is when I kick their asses to the curb.  There’s that standards thing again!  I go to graduate school, I go out frequently, I smile at strangers at the mall and I have an active facebook page therefore don’t you tell me that I’m not available. 

Dumbass quote #4-“You’re too independent!”

What?  Therefore you’re telling me that in order to find a guy I have to not only lower my standards for men but I also have to lower my standards for myself.  Don’t make me laugh.  In today’s society if a single woman isn’t independent she’s dead. 

The moral of this blog is to teach those of you who aren’t single that have single friends is to learn a little compassion.  We singles don’t want you to tell us why you think we’re still single instead encourage us that the right person is out there and that the perfect person will love us for who we are not pass us by because of our identity.  No single person should wonder that they will lose their true love because of these many cliched ideas.  If you don’t have any encouraging words to say to your single friends take my advice and just “shut up”.