As long as I can remember fashion has been a big part of my life.  I am a young woman and it is as natural to me as writing and breathing however I’m not filthy rich and dropping 600.00 on a purse or any other article of clothing is just unheard of.  Although this is true it still doesn’t mean that I can’t dream and for years I have dreamt of owning an authentic Gucci handbag which is why I bypass the knock offs and drool over the authenticity of the ones on various websites.  Although I have been searching for a reasonable Gucci purse for a little while I have been searching for an authentic man for much much longer. 

Searching for a real man is harder than you may think it is.  In the past three years I have gotten some real pieces of work, unlike the perfect Gucci bag they haven’t been the right style, quality or in some instances the right size.  LOL!  It seems as I get older and more fabulous the selection of men available becomes downright sad.  My favorite word for the men that I’ve been encountering is just plain SAD!  I am a 25 year old woman who has her stuff together.  My career is flourishing, I’m educated and still educating myself, I don’t have any children, I’m damn good looking and I’m a good person however the stock of men that I’m coming into contact with don’t meet the requirements.  A girl has to have standards.  Just as the designers at Gucci has standards for their fabrics and designs I have to have standards about who takes me out to dinner. 

I don’t want perfection because as you already know perfection doesn’t exist, I want a nice handsome guy who has no children and who has his shit in tact.  I don’t have to explain what “shit in tact” is we already know what that means.  A man should have as much as I have to bring to the table in order for me to put my heart on the line.  This is a realization that I have struggled with for sometime however I am committed to sticking to my guns and not settling for less. 

As I continue to search for the best possible love and the perfect bag some things are looking up.  I was able to find some discount websites in which I will be able to purchase an authentic Gucci bag for a fraction of the price.  This discovery made me positively giddy so with this I figure both searches can’t be easy therefore finding the right guy may take a lot longer than I thought.