Karma is a law in Hinduism which maintains that every act done, no matter how insignificant, will eventually return to the doer with equal impact.  Good will yield goodness while evil will be reciprocated with evil.  It’s simple.  What goes around comes around.  We would love to think that as long as no one but ourselves and God knows about the treacherous acts that we commit that no harm can be done however just like the Hindu followers we know better.  So I ask myself and others are we robbing ourselves of the love and devotion that we deserve by behaving like idiots?  Allow me to elaborate.

Issue #1: Cheating and Dishonesty

My grandfather used to say “understanding is the best thing in the world” and now I find myself saying the same thing time and time again when dealing with the opposite sex.  It is.  I like to know how the guy that I’m seeing views me and where the relationship is going that way I can be sure.  When you have a solid understanding with someone the chance of there being a misunderstanding is minimal.  Therefore if you are involved with someone and you have an understanding that involves being committed do the right thing.  Either honor that commitment or be honest with the invidual about your wondering eyes, hands or other numerous body parts.  Just because you’re doing it in the dark doesn’t mean that it won’t come to light and in turn bite you in the ass.  Because it will.  It may not get you in the relationship where you committed such an act but it will get you eventually and I can promise you that it won’t be pretty.

Issue #2: Statutory Rape

This is not a light subject.  This is real no matter if you’re a woman or a man.  There’s nothing wrong with liking your companions to be young but seducing a child just isn’t cool.  I know that teenagers lie, it’s in their DNA, but it’s your responsibility as an adult to know better.  So if you have a hunch or a funny feeling about someone’s true age ask for ID!  Because trust me if you don’t you’ll be sorry.  Let’s say you’re a 21 year old man who willingly becomes involved with a 17 year old young girl and things end before the authorities find out this still doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear.  Why?  Because I guarantee that 17 years later when you have a 16 year old daughter some pervert will be preying on her too.  Hate that idea?  Well that’s karma.

Issue #3: Users

You know who you are if you’re out there.  Other user monikers include golddiggers, moochers, sugar babies, the list could go on.  You are the type who will “use what you got to get what you want.”  That’s a whore line that never goes out of style.  I understand that when it comes to relationships being in one and being financially stable can yield benefits for both parties but being in a relationship primarily for financial stability is just wrong and you know it.  First of all you’re selling yourself short because you’re putting a monetary value on something that is supposed to be priceless.  If we could buy real love then Jesus wouldn’t have ever went to calvary.  I’m not preaching I’m just stating the facts.  Secondly you’re selling the other  person short because what he/she values as real is completley false.  I’m too real to ever be that fake.

Issue#4: The other man or woman

This is my favorite issue to discuss when it pertains to karma because I have witnessed it all too many times.  I have this friend named Kiera and she’s a sweet girl for the most part except that she has one big flaw.  The flaw that I’m referring to is her willingness to be the other woman.  She’s been totally content with being the chick on the side for quite sometime however when we hit 21 that chick on the side status escalated to being the filthy mistress.  Everyone warned her that this wasn’t a cute title but she has a mind of her own and she was determined to “use what she got to get what she wants”.  In the end as the mistress of Ken she actually caused the demise of his marriage and a year later he married her.  Seems like everything worked out in her favor, huh?  Wrong.   By the time they got married the tables had turned.  Kiera had become genuinely invested into Ken and had fallen madly in love with him, that’s why she chose to marry him.  Just as she was applauding herself for taking Ken from his wife because she knew they’d live happily ever after karma reared it’s ugly-beautiful head.  Some other chick had done to her the exact same thing that she had done to Ken’s first wife.  Kiera damn near lost her mind.  I don’t know why it never occured to her that when a man cheats with you he’ll surely cheat on you.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s simple.  Good begats good, evil begats evil. 

Why on earth would anyone want to deliberately hurt another person?  Why would you just blatantly lie to the person that you were seeing?  Why would you want to contribute to shattering the innocence of a younger person or use a significant other as a personal ATM?  Who in their right mind would gladly where the title of filthy mistress?  There are all types of answers to the questions stated but I have an answer that should point you in a different direction.  That answer is karma.  When you are committing all types of unspeakable acts you aren’t just hurting another human being but you’re hurting yourself also because karma will get you if no one else does.  Karma will show you who’s boss and by the time you realize it you’ll feel completely robbed, exposed and helpless.  So the next time that you’re contemplating committing such an act ask yourself is it worth getting the same or worser treatment later on?  Good begats good.  Evil begats evil.