If you know me personally then you already know that one of my all time favorite shows to watch is Sex and the City because my favorite character is Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall.  One of Samantha’s justifications for acting like a female horn dog is that we’re all animals reacting to each other’s smell.  What an interesting notion!  Perhaps smell has something to do with the way that we behave when it comes to the opposite sex.  Maybe scent is that indescribable quality that attracts you to a certain human being as opposed to the other.  We can rationalize every single thing in our lives but our love life is beyond rationalization.  Think about it we sit back and look at others relationships and come up with every logical solution probable but the reason that its futile is because the whole situation isn’t logical.

When I was thirteen I fell for the asshole star of the football team, CJ, instead of the guy who never forgot my birthday, Bryan.  I would shudder whenever CJ winked his eye at me while he was probably sucking face with every other chick in the seventh grade and I knew about it.  Bryan on the other hand was as dependable as a puppy that grew up with me.  So tell me what was it that made me flock to the asshole and bypass the good guy?  Let’s look around the fact that I was an incredibly stupid teenager and acknowledge the fact that the way that we behave now as adults isn’t that much evolved.  Right now I could be faced with the perfect guy on paper but if I didn’t feel that indescribable feeling of complete ignorance about him I wouldn’t look his way.  When I say that a person is good on paper it’s usually a guy who has everything going for himself financially and emotionally who is just bursting with wonderful qualities.  That wonderful specimen of male species could be on bended knee and if the stink isn’t on him chances are I wouldn’t be either.

The stink is that indescribable feeling that overcomes your senses when you first meet.  I once was at a club with two of my girlfriends about a year and a half ago and there was a group of five guys that came in together all of which were incredibly handsome and my eyes became deadlocked with the one who was of a caramel complexion and about four inches taller than me.  Again if you know me personally you know that I like my men tall dark and handsome.  I’m only 5’2” and I usually flock to those who are about 6’2” who has a similar complexion to Tyrese Gibson, Michael Jordan or Wesley Snipes but not on that night.  His name was Drew and there was just something about him that made me display every single tooth in my mouth whenever I was around him.  Sure he was cute but so were all of his friends.  Inevitably it was the stink.  He had the stink that attracted me to him and evidently I had the stink that drew him to me because he bypassed Kaya and Taylor and came directly to me.  It was like something out of a freaking romantic comedy.  Ah the stink!  It’s wonderful.  It’s indescribable and it’s intoxicating!  However at the same time that can be a bad thing.

Of course I got Drew’s number and we pursued each other for a while about three months and it was good until the stink hit the fan.  This guy lived with six other guys around his age and whenever he called me from home it was like he was calling from a Lil Jon concert.   Not only that but he had baby mama drama like you wouldn’t believe.  Although whenever I looked into his face the stink would surround me and I’d be immediately intoxicated well until I found out that the car he had come to see me in was that of his baby’s mama.  That’s when the stink hit the fan!  What the hell!  The instant feelings that took over again were so indescribable and intoxicating that I haven’t spoken to that fool since.  I guess the phenomenon of stink has changed since I turned fourteen. 

The thing to remember is that love isn’t rational nor is it logical.  You can have the perfect man or woman in your life but if you don’t feel that spark, if you’re not surpassed by the stink then it’s not meant to be however don’t let the stink over power your better judgment.  Because as I found out after  CJ and Drew that the stink comes in different smells, volumes and densities as does it exist on other men.  And I’m happy to report that since Drew I’ve come in contact with the stink again and it’ll probably happen over and over but I am so glad that no matter how stinky it is I know how to balance the indescribable with the logical.