I am blessed in so many ways and I believe that one of the biggest blessings in my life is my relationship with my mother.  A lot of women in their twenties can’t stand their mothers while mine is one of my best friends.  So just like my other friends I value her advice.  As you can probably remember when we were children our mothers said key things to us in order to get us through adolescence but I have come to realize that they are quite helpful as an adult. 

Lesson #1: Sit Up Straight.

Of course we didn’t think much of this demand while we were young but it has come in handy.  Think about it when you sit up straight you look attentive, alert and ready to conquer the world.  This is useful for those of you including myself who is often times surfing the internet at work instead of actually working.  Sitting straight at your desk makes your supervisor think that we’re on top of things instead of slumping on the job.  However I believe that sitting straight is a part of a well kept beauty ritual that I indulge in every day.  Sitting straight helps me to contract my abs which is always good and it strenghthens my back that carries the 38DD blessings that I have which leads me to the next lesson.

Lesson #2: Share

Ah this one is a tricky one!  Mama said to share but share what?  What should we share as adults?  Most importantly what should we share as young and single women or men?  Should we share our dreams with the opposite sex?  Should we let them in on our hopes?  Should we give them our hearts?  Whether or not we analyze questions like this the fact is that we do listen to our mothers in this situation and we do in fact share.

Lesson#3: Don’t play doctor with anyone!

You knew this one was coming.  There was an important reason why your mother told you this as a child and as we got older we threw this lesson right out of the window which wasn’t a smart choice.  Of all the lessons this one is the one that we should’ve had tattooed on our wrist because it’s the most valuable.  I believe this is true because if we had never opened this can of worms we wouldn’t get ourselves in as much trouble as we do.  You can’t miss what you’ve never had.  This ignored lesson gets us into countless arguments which yields countless words being exchanged which usually leads to someone giving an apology.  The apology then leads to one of the last important lessons that mommy provided.

Lesson#4: Forgive but never forget

Whoever said forgive and forget is an idiot.  You forgive but you should never forget.  The reason that you should never forget is that people are human which means that as they make a mistake once they can make the same one twice.  This is important in relationships.   Just because you forgive your boyfriend or girlfriend for cheating once doesn’t mean that the situation won’t happen again in the same relationship or in a different one.  If you forget the situation that presented itself once how will you recognize it before or when it happens again?

These lessons were useful as children but are more important as young and single adults simply because the things that we’re going through now may be new to us but they aren’t foreign to our mothers.  So ladies and gentlemen if you’re presented in a situation where you don’t know what to do just start to think, “Well my mommy said”….