When it comes to dating is age as important as we make it out to be?  As a 23 year old woman I have noticed that we women view age in a totally different light than most men.  Although I am young I have dated different kinds of men including ones in different age brackets and once I stop to think maybe age shouldn’t be so important unless of course it’s breaking a law, lol!  We women will turn down a twenty-something male if we’re in our thirties while finding it perfectly acceptable to date a man who’s ten years older while men are just the opposite.  Most thirty year old men will pursue women who are younger.  I’ve often been told that women mature faster than men so we have to date older men in order to get a man who’s on the same playing field as we are although I’m not always so convinced this is true.

As with everything other circumstances come into play and I just happen to believe it depends on what the woman and the man are looking for in that relationship.  We women are often on a mission as to what it is that we want to accomplish from a relationship which usually winds up backfiring in our gorgeous faces.  Majority of the time that mission is to find a husband so it’s only natural that we’d seek out a man who’s older because he’s probably more inclined to walking down the aisle but how much fun can that be?  Of course by now you’ve probably discovered that my only goal is to have fun!  What’s wrong with that?  Is fun such a foreign notion to us when it comes to relationships?  If not then why don’t we put those other goals and missions to rest and we may wind up essentially enjoying men as they do us.

I happen to think that there are some great things about younger men that we women haven’t really thought about.  A younger man is probably less inhibited than an older man as well as flexible.  As opposed to an older gentlemen a younger man has time on his side which can be a huge asset.  Instead of feeling like you’re just along for the ride you may find yourself growing and exploring together.  A couple of years ago I dated a man who was a couple of years younger than me and it was one of the best relationships I’ve ever had.  We laughed, we talked, we actually talked.  It didn’t feel like he was dictating to me or trying to solve the problems that I had instead he just lent an ambitious ear and it was great although it didn’t work out it was one of the easiests break-ups that I’ve ever been involved with.  The thing that I miss the most was the free of inhibitions thing, if you know what I mean!  LOL!  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

While the young one provided a pleasant experience the most significant relationship that I had with an older gentlemen was the worst relationship of my entire life.  He was controlling, condescending and determined.  He was determined for me to become barefoot and pregnant and I just wasn’t having that.  As you probably imagined I got the hell out of dodge as soon as I could.  With him I felt like a child.  He knew exactly what he wanted out of life while I was just content with hanging out with my friends on a Saturday afternoon.  Again every situation is different and every factor is important although I wish us ladies would consider dating below our age bracket every now and then you might be surprised, a lot of young guys really do have game!