First of all I’d like to say welcome to my world… I call my blog “To be young and single” because one day soon I hope to have a completed book by the same name. Thank you for reading—you are truly appreciated! Now let’s get down to business.
When I use the term creme of the crop I am referring to the young and single twenty-something female. Not only is she young and single she is educated and on a mission for career achievement.  Whether you harbor your own opinions about me it makes no difference but I look at myself as the creme of the crop as do my single girlfriends. Having stated that, the reason that I am writing is to describe a phenomenon that I have noticed for quite some time now.  That phenomenon is that the creme of the crop are still single!
How is it that these gorgeous, smart, independent, funny, diverse, cultured and evolved women are oftentimes alone? Don’t get me wrong I am under no means in a hurry to settle down (those of you who know me personally know I’m commitment shy) however it is quite normal to see so many great women unattached for the most part.  I regularly network on facebook and over 80% of my great female friends are single. What is the problem? Are we too picky? Are we apparent bitches? Are we unapproachable?
If you continue to read my writings on a weekly basis as I hope to continue writing you’ll hear me refer to three of my male friends as the handsome trio and I have consulted them about why this phenomenon is so common?  The handsome trio are a great group of guys that have a lot to offer and to me their opinion is truly valuable and quite insightful.  So here goes…
According to the law man, one third of the trio, the unapproachable thing comes into play when dealing with such women.  He claims that guys like himself usually assume that the girl is already attached because of her great qualities, so in order to avoid rejection they simply avoid the girl.  Talk about damned either way! Another member of the group, the soldier, claims that intimidation clouds his judgment and because of his fear he doesn’t approach the best fruit on the vine instead he aims lower for the one with a few bruises.
So in turn I guess we girls can only hope that one day the right guy will come along who isn’t subdued with fear or inhibitions although it usually isn’t that hard for us women is it?  When we girls are faced with the perfect guy we’d definitely approach him and once he was in our lives fear wouldn’t interrupt it, that’s what you should do, that’s what we would do!  That’s why we’re the creme of the crop.